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Repack / Demister Information

  Dehydrator repack cartridge
  Excelsior, Fiberglass, Steel wool (carbon or stainless), polypropylene mesh.  Wire mesh is available in stainless, carbon steel and monel.  This is not a complete list of all the possible materials used to make a dehydrator repack cartridge.
   The selected fibrous material is compressed into a cylidrical shape between circular mesh grids.  
  The flow rate and residence time required by the application dictate the depth and diameter of the repack.  Thinner style of repack is often referred to as a wafer. 
  Some common applications of this style of cartridge is for the gross removal of water from fluids, such as; aviation fuel,  gasoline,  kerosene, fuel oil, diesel fuel and propane.
   Wire Demister
    Available from 6" to 60".
Demister  Pads
   Demisters are a stainless steel element which collects water droplets in gas filter / separator applications.  They may be used in conjunction with or take the place of natural gas cartridges.  Demisters are composed of compressed wire mesh or steel wool similar to a repack.   The selection and packing of the material ensures that channelling is resisted and effiency of the pad is maximized.  Pads come in a variety of shapes to meet the requirements of the application.
    Photo is 60" wire Demister

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