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Info about Stainless Cartridges

Think green!

Compare Disposable Filtration vs

                                Stainless Steel Filtration

The real savings of Stainless steel cartridges - Download these Acrobat .pdf files

    - Click for comparison brochure   Sock Filters vs Stainless

    - Click for waste disposal comparison brochure  Disposable  vs Stainless filtration

    - To obtain a quote for the cost of Galt Filtration's  cleaning services Contact Us

    - We have a financial solution to help you convert to stainless cartridges Contact Us

- For Precison machining:

CNC Machining web site link click >>    Pro Tech Manufacturing Inc

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- For Custom Fabrication - Stainless steel ? Aluminum ? Carbon steel

                   Web link >> 
PW Custom Fabrication

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